“Deep in their roots,

all flowers keep the light.”

-Theodore Roethke

Learn to grow and feel the power within you.

Grow the life that makes you shine!


  • Do you envision a better life but get gripped by past failures?
  • Are you your own worst critic?
  • Is overthinking and worry causing more worry?

If you answered “Yes” to all three questions, you might have turned everyday stress into anxiety.

The good news is: anxiety can be treated quicker than you think!

It doesn’t matter how many times anxiety stunted your life before.

The more you recognize the anxiety triggers, the easier it is to overcome it!

“Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action.”
—Walter Anderson

Anxiety is one of the easiest symptoms to fix for working professionals within 1 to 3 sessions of proven action!

I have made it my life’s mission to help working professionals like you to experience this feeling of freedom.

Due to life experiences and undiagnosed ADHD, I had to mask my anxiety for years. It was exhausting living trapped with daily symptoms. As an RTT® Practitioner, mentored by Marisa Peer, I finally found the tools that worked!

Let’s create a time to give yourself the confidence and joy you deserve!

  1. Identify the root of your anxiety.
  2. Choose to manage anxiety.
  3. Give yourself time to grow.

Let’s be honest, some anxiety symptoms can resurface with new life challenges outside of your control. However, you will be equipped to make anxiety more manageable for you!


  • Learn the scientifically-proven way to envision your future, best life.
  • Turn your inner critic into your best cheerleader.
  • Find your own unique method to release and transform anxiety. 

    The first step

    Identify the root of your anxiety


    I can help you release these common anxiety symptoms: 

    • Increased heart rate, sweating, trembling
    • Panic attacks
    • Gastrointestinal (GI) problems
    • Intense, persistent sense of dread
    • Feeling weak or tired but still having trouble sleeping
    • Trouble concentrating or thinking about anything
    • Seeking perfectionism in almost all tasks from self and others
    • Nervous, tense, disconnected, or numb during conversations
    • Procrastinate or miss deadlines
    • Having the urge to avoid things that trigger anxiety


    “I did bloodwork with no valium! It was getting in my head that bloodwork is something everyone does. I think IVs and shots have the added fear of omg what are the putting in me, what will it do to me. The ringing of the bell makes it official. And I am officially done!!!”

    H.H., Florida, USA

    The second step

    Choose to manage


    Confidence and Joy is: 

    • cool, calm clarity under pressure
    • learning self-soothe techniques that don’t need validation or approval of others 
    • smooth GI process, without needing constipation/laxative medication!
    • recognizing self-evident ability to tackle future projects
    • feeling energy throughout the day
    • restful sleep with vibrant dreams again
    • speak up your unique perspectives and thoughts fearlessly
    • enjoy mindfulness and being present in the moment
    • manage deadlines by celebrating milestones
    • learn the difference between fear and excitement

    I have not had one panic attack since. The lump in my throat is gone! I can breathe again! I haven’t felt so alive in a long time! I am motivated and ready for the world again.”

    F.H, Arizona, USA

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    The third step

    Give Yourself
    Time to Grow

    Your growth is FlowerMaiden’s priority. Upon joining, you will receive these proven techniques to recognize, root out, and release your anxiety triggers.

    As long as you have a reliable online connection, you have the opportunity for phenomenal results!

    Check your Zoom settings here.

    “Angeli, what you did got me. I saw it. I feel so good now knowing I could trust you.”

    S.N., Toronto, Canada

    The Seed

    The RTT® session will guide you away from pain to the most important relationship you need to heal: yourself!

    Growth Support

     After your RTT® session, you will receive an email copy and web link to your custom take-home meditation, 3 weeks of text support*, and a post-session checkup.

     *Phone/Zoom mini-coachings are included in R3 & Bloom packages.

    Rise and Shine

    Feel ready with your focused capability to achieve greatness!